Helping Animals

When I became interested in (or perhaps obsessed with) photography, pointing that lens at the animals around me seemed like the most natural thing in the world. As a Veterinary Technician with over 25 years in the animal care field, and more than half of those years in animal shelters, I was well aware of the impact that a great photo can have on the length of time a pet spends in the shelter system. When people walk through the door, already half way in love with an animal they saw online, the hard work has already been done. Very few people are inspired to make a trip to the shelter for a cat they saw sleeping in its litter box, or a dog cowering in the back of a soiled run.

Husky With One Blue Eye


Speaking of Dogs are an amazing rescue group, specializing in senior dogs, but in reality helping all breeds, ages, and sizes. I have been honoured to photograph many dozens of their adoptable dogs over the years, as well as donating sessions for their fundraising auctions and calendar.

I am a proud member of HeARTSspeak, a group of artists who donate their time and skills to helping shelter and rescue animals.