Springtime Continued...

Maybe it was the never ending winter that is making me want to squeeze every dewdrop and blossom out of this Spring, but I can't get enough!

A young doe among the Cherry Trees, early on a misty morning in High Park, Toronto.

High Park has been utterly insane, but if you get there early enough, you can still get photos without the crowds.  The morning we went was fabulously foggy, which is quickly becoming my favourite weather condition to take photos in.  I have a feeling that will serve me well on our upcoming trip to Newfoundland!

Early morning fog adds some atmosphere to the sakura in High Park, Toronto.

After an hour or so, the park was beginning to get more crowded (it was still only 7AM!).  We popped home for some coffee and pancakes and I took the opportunity to dash over to a neighbour's beautiful front garden to test out the macro capabilities of my new Lensbaby Velvet 56 lens.  Have I mentioned that I love this lens?

Raindrops on a white tulip petal.

Pink tulip with raindrops on a textured background.

Then back to the park, by 8AM and already we got the last parking spot, only because someone was leaving!  We were hoping for some migratory birds, but had no luck and had to settle for Mr Wood Duck and his reflection.

A male wood duck and his reflection swimming in a pond in High Park, Toronto.