Ms Piggy


Fun Police, Doomsday Prophet, Reluctant Model.

My muse! I had been working in an animal shelter for years when Becca arrived, but I’d never been especially tempted to adopt one of the dogs. I was a cat person. My partner Graham and I had even fostered several dogs and puppies, but had never seriously considered keeping any of them. Even so, somehow I knew she was my dog, the minute I laid eyes on her that first morning, as she cowered in her kennel.

She had been surrendered the day before, with her 2 day old puppy and she was absolutely terrified in the shelter. I brought her and her puppy, “Grublet” home to “foster”, but I knew there was no way I was taking her back. We would have liked to keep Grubby as well, but once he grew up, Becca really didn’t have much tolerance for him, so we allowed him to be adopted into a wonderful home.

It just happened that right around that time, I downloaded a new social media app, called “Instagram”. I quickly became addicted, and of course, I was sharing lots of photos of Becca and Grubby. Within a year, people were starting to ask about buying prints of my work - in fact, an iphone photo of Becca with some artistic effects was one of the first prints I ever sold to someone who wasn’t a friend or family member!

Becca is my velcro dog, glued to my side at all times…unless she sees a deer - then she’s gone. We call her the “fun police”, because if any of the other pets appear to be having a good time, Becca will put a stop to it, immediately.

Chihuahua On Red Velvet


Comic Relief, Supermodel, Security Guard.

After a couple of years, Becca had come a long way with her reactivity towards other dogs, and we felt that it was time to start fostering again. We didn’t have any small dogs requiring foster at the shelter at that time, so I reached out to Speaking of Dogs Rescue. I was already volunteering for them, doing adoption photos and fundraisers, so I filled out their foster application and began watching their website for a good fit.

Almost immediately, Delgado came up. I fell head over heels in love with his photos, but he was already in a foster home, he needed a forever home. We pondered that for a day or so and then decided that we wanted to meet him anyway. That is the power of having awesome adoption photos! We were so smitten already that we didn’t even care when he tried to bite us repeatedly. He was respectful with Becca, and that was all that really mattered to us.

This little clown won us over immediately, with his hilarious antics and larger than life attitude. He turned out to be just what we needed, because less than 2 weeks after adding him to our home, one of our senior cats crossed the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly. It was hard to stay sad for long with Delgado around, and many years later, he is still making us laugh every day.

After 6 years, Delgado has finally reached his goal weight of 5.1 lbs, down from 8.5 when he first arrived at the rescue!

You Lookin' At Me?

Stompin’ Tom

Millipede Exterminator, Masseuse, Head Warmer.

“No more cats”. That was what we said on Thursday, when we put the second of our senior cats to sleep because of kidney failure. The following Sunday, I brought Stompy home from the shelter where I worked.

I thought I was safe, because I worked with the dogs 95% of the time, so there was little chance I’d get attached to one of the cats. Then Stompy got a bit of a cold (common for cats in shelters) and was moved to the first cage in the sick cat room…right across the hall from the area where I prepared the food and medications for the dogs every morning and evening. He’d watch me from his cage, purring and stomping his feet the whole time. Of course, I had to pop in and say “hi” to him. He kept it up every day, and by the time he was over his cold and ready to go home, I knew it had to be my home.

Stompy is just an all around awesome cat. So laid back that you can hear him purring in his crate on long car trips. He doesn’t require a lot of attention, he’s still perfectly happy to watch us from across the room, purring and stomping his feet. It feels good that it makes someone so happy, just looking at you! In the winter, he sleeps on our heads, like a fuzzy Russian hat.

It’s easy to be fooled into thinking he’s lazy and not too bright, then suddenly he’ll jump up and catch a fly in mid air, or figure out how to stick his paw up inside the timed feeder and make it dispense more kibble ahead of schedule.



Heating Pad, Dirt Magnet, Delgado’s Personal Trainer.

For years, we were happy with our little furry family of 3, and had no intention of adding any more. When Trillian showed up at the shelter I worked at in Toronto, I already knew I’d be leaving in a few months. We had purchased a house in New Brunswick and planned to move there permanently in the Spring. It was so uncommon to see a hairless cat in the shelter (our best guess is that she is a Sphynx/Rex mix or a Peterbald), and I knew it would likely be my last chance to get one without going to a breeder. She came in with another cat, who appeared to be a purebred Sphynx, and at first I had my eye on him, but he did not like other cats, and I knew it would be unfair to Stompy and stressful to both of them to bring him home. Now, I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out and can’t imagine life without her!

When I was considering adopting her, someone warned me that a Sphynx is like a cross between a monkey, a dog, a toddler and a cat. Boy, was she ever right! Trillian is into everything; incredibly smart and curious, dexterous, agile (except when she’s falling off of things), and demands constant attention. During the colder months, she can usually be found inside my sweater, and if she’s not there, you’d better watch where you sit, because she is probably under that blanket or pillow.

Trillian has been a great playmate for Delgado, who has always wanted a friend and has suffered near constant rejection from Becca and Stompy. The two of them have epic wrestling matches…until Becca has enough and breaks it up.



Lovely Assistant, Pet Wrangler, Light Stand, Lens Caddy, Sherpa, Wildlife Spotter, Travel Companion, Gentle Giant, Personal Chef, Handyman, Partner in Crime, Love of Life, etc.