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Portraits for people who love their pets.

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They’re not “just pets” to you.

Do you refer to your pets as your “children” “furbabies”, or “furkids”? Perhaps you think of them more as your roommates or best friends? Do you joke that you like them better than people—only you’re not really joking? Would you rather spend time with your furry friends than go to a party? Welcome, we’re going to get along just fine!

You want the best for your pets. You buy them the best food, or perhaps you even make it yourself. (It’s hard to trust the big pet food companies these days, with all the recalls). You don’t go to the dog groomer, Fluffy has a “pet stylist”. You spend more on the in home pet sitting than the actual vacation, but it’s worth it to know your babies aren’t miserable in a cage. You have thousands of pet pics on your phone, but if the unthinkable happened and Fluffy were gone tomorrow, would they be “good enough”?

My specialty is celebrating the special bond people share with their pets and creating custom artwork they will cherish forever. Portrait sessions are fun and laid back, tailored to your pet’s personality, training, and comfort.


Here’s how to get in touch with Tracy to start planning your pet’s amazing portraits today.


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If you think of your pets as family, you’re in the right place.


Studies show that looking at your pets can elevate your mood and lower your blood pressure. I truly believe that the best way to decorate your living spaces is with portraits of the furry faces that make you smile.

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We’ll work together to create heirloom quality artwork that perfectly captures your pets' personalities and fits the aesthetic of your home.

From classic, painterly style canvases to modern acrylic blocks and from formal studio portraits to fun outdoor action shoots, together we will find the perfect way to celebrate your pet. Either way, I bring my portable studio to you and work where you and your pet are most at ease, in locations that have the most meaning for you.

The first step is a planning session, either in person or on the phone, to help me better understand what type of artwork your family will treasure.

This will be an opportunity for you and I to discuss what kind of session and location(s) would be most suitable for your pet, and what type of artwork you envision for your home. If your pet is at all nervous or reactive, I strongly suggest an in person meeting, with the pet present so that we can begin making friends and create some positive associations with the camera.



Professional Retouching isn’t just for super models!

Advanced retouching is just one of the many services included with your custom pet portrait session with Tracy Munson Pet Photography. Dog has poor recall and can't be off leash? Persian cat has tear staining? Geriatric pet has lumps and bumps, surgical scars or shaved areas? Not a problem. Any artwork that you choose to purchase will be fully retouched, to your preferences.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Photograph Your Wedding (No!)

Will I Photograph Your Dog's Wedding? (Yes!)

Here Are The Answers To Some Common Questions.

Olivia and Her Minions

Do You photograph people, too?

My specialty is Pet Photography, however I have devoted my career to nurturing the bond between people and their pets. Your pet's session will be focused on capturing your pet's personality and the behaviours and expressions you love. That being said, I am always happy to include a few images of you or your family interacting with your pet(s). Just promise not to be offended if I whistle and make funny noises to get your attention! 

Need a professional head shot that includes your furry assistant for your pet related business (dog walkers, groomers, veterinarians, etc)? Contact me for a custom quote. I can also provide photos of your pet related business for your website and marketing materials.

Can I just get all the digital files on a disk or usb stick?

I love providing my clients with heirloom quality, tangible art pieces that will last for many years to come, and that is what I specialize in creating. You don't need to worry about finding a printer, choosing from a sea of products you've never seen before, or figuring out how to order. I've already done all the legwork for you, and I have samples you can see and touch. All of my printed materials are of the highest quality available and come from the very best professional print labs. Your artwork will appear exactly as it appeared on my computer screen and will be guaranteed not to fade or discolour for many decades. I am unable to guarantee the quality, colour management, or longevity of prints ordered from consumer labs. 



But can I share my images on social media?

I make sharing the love easy. That's why I provide a digital copy with every wall art sized portrait. Invest in a custom designed, archival quality album or memory box collection and receive an app including all of your selected images. The app will display your images perfectly on your phone or tablet and can be shared to social media for friends and family to enjoy. You will have the best of both worlds: A digital copy to enjoy on your devices, and a hard copy that will outlast the current technology and become more priceless as the years go by.

Ms Piggy


Sometimes I need a pet of a certain breed or skill set for a commercial photo shoot or personal project. Sign up to get occasional updates and make sure you don't miss Fluffy's big break!

Cottage Dog

My pet is ill-behaved, out of control, and doesn't listen. will you still be able to create amazing images for me?

Welcome to the club! My own pets won't be winning any obedience trials, either. I aim to work with your pet, not against them. If you have an energetic young dog who loves to run, then let's head outside and create some fun action images. Your chihuahua hates it outside and runs around trying to bite everyone? Mine, too! We'll stay indoors and take our time and when your pet is comfortable, I'll create some beautiful formal portraits. I promise that you will be amazed and delighted with your images. even if your pet is a wild child.

Greyhound on Grey

Do We Have To Come To Your Studio?

My lights, backdrops and gear are all completely portable. This allows me to photograph your pet in the comfort of their own home, yard, or nearby park that they are used to. Not only will your pet be more relaxed, but your images will show your pet in environments that are meaningful to you and will always remind you of the great times you and your furry friends had there together.

Families of new puppies and kittens who aren’t able to be fully immunized yet don’t have to worry about bringing them to a studio where they may come into contact with germs from a hundred pets that have been there before them.

Autumn Bully

What if I don’t like any of the photos?

I stand behind my work 100%, with a risk free guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the images we create, I will schedule a complimentary re-shoot, or refund your session fees. Any printed materials purchased through me will be reprinted and replaced if you are not completely thrilled with them. I even offer a lifetime guarantee against common issues like warping, sagging, and fading — that’s how much faith I have in the professional print lab that makes my products.