Helping Animals

As a Veterinary Technician who spent over 15 years working in animal shelters, I am well aware of the impact that a great photo can have on the length of time a pet spends in the shelter system. Nobody comes to the shelter to adopt an animal because they saw a blurry cell phone photo of it sitting in its litter box, or cowering in the back of a run. Providing shelters and rescues with clean, sharp, properly exposed photos of their adoptable animals is my way of giving back.

Husky With One Blue Eye


While living in Toronto, I volunteered for Speaking of Dogs, an amazing rescue group specializing in senior dogs, but in reality helping all breeds, ages, and sizes. I have been honoured to photograph many dozens of their adoptable dogs over the years, as well as donating sessions for their fundraising auctions and calendar.

Since relocating to Albert County, NB, in 2018 I have begun providing adoption photos for the Greater Moncton SPCA with some fundraising ideas in the works!

I am a proud member of HeARTSspeak, a group of artists who donate their time and skills to helping shelter and rescue animals.